October 11, 2010

so many neighborhoods!

A long time ago I wrote a post about what neighborhood we should move to. Our main ideas were and are Uptown-ish and the Northeast Arts District, but there are so many great places! SO MANY! I realized today that we could live within two blocks of the new Peace Coffee Cafe, the Hub Bike Co-op, the Trylon microcinema/XYandZ Gallery, Patrick’s Cabaret, and the East Lake Library. Just a little farther to the Midtown Greenway and the light rail. Longfellow!

Assuming there’s an apartment building with an available unit we can afford right in the middle of all that, of course. Small matters of reality do not interest me.

I spent some time stewing over what neighborhood is best (I developed a theory that Uptown would be a great place to consume, and Northeast would be a great place to produce, and to make a choice would require deciding once and for all what I truly value) and then suddenly, like a fever breaking, realized that we had an incredible array of good options, and all I really had to do was wait and see what’s available when I get there, and be happy with whatever neighborhood we end up in.

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